31 Best Jobs For Introverts In 2021: The Complete Guide

If you consider yourself an introvert, finding a job that fits your personality is incredibly important if you want to perform at your best. After all, certain positions can be a downright nightmare for those that prefer to keep to themselves!

This list of the best jobs for introverts will give you a great place to start when it comes to picking a career that suits you.

What is an Introvert?

An introvert is widely recognized as an individual who prefers to spend less energy on social interactions and more time recharging alone. They tend to be more reserved and contemplative, spending time away from stress-inducing situations. Introverts often can be more prone to anxiety as well.

Contrary to popular belief, an introvert is not always socially awkward or soft-spoken. Everyone is different, and traits can vary across the board. Many introverts have fantastic interpersonal skills and can take on the same responsibilities as an extrovert.

However, they thrive in positions that work with their needs and personality type.

Some jobs rely on aggressive networking, ongoing collaboration with others, and generally over-stimulating environments. If you’re an introvert in one of those fields, you might find yourself overwhelmed and unable to flourish, which may ultimately affect your mental well-being.

If you’re an introvert, finding a career path that caters to your strengths and preferences is paramount. You’re likely a great listener and thrive working independently with little supervision or collaboration. When given the right opportunity, you can reach your full potential in your career while protecting your mental health and staying true to who you are.

Now without further delay, let’s go over some of the best jobs for introverts.

1. Data Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $100,560Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in data science or a computer-related field

Data scientists are masters of analyzing unstructured information. They use their skills to source, manage, and interpret data to solve problems. Their goal is to utilize data to help companies make strategic business decisions.

It’s a fast-changing field that requires great patience and the ability to work with a wide range of datasets. However, it’s one of the best jobs for introverts because of the quieter work environment. Data scientists usually work alone.

2. Accountant

Average Annual Salary: $73,560Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in accountanting and a Certified Public Accountant license

Accountants are the number crunchers who maintain the books, analyze financial records, and analyze risks. As an accountant, you can work in a variety of different environments. However, this career rarely requires an outgoing personality.

Most accountants work alone and rarely have to interact with clients directly. Best of all, this career for introverts is stable and shows solid growth in the future.

3. Veterinarian

Average Annual Salary: $96,600Typical Education Requirements: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and appropriate licensing for state and national regulatory bodies

Veterinarians may have to interact with pet owners regularly, but most of their work is spent caring for animals. Vets often work independently or with a small team of technicians and assistants.

This career offers a good bit of flexibility with the many routes you can take. Either way, it can be a fulfilling career that brings joy to a person who enjoys animals.

4. Editor

Average Annual Salary: $63,400Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication, English, or writing

An editor’s primary responsibility is to scrutinize written works before publishing. Many will check for grammatical errors, spelling issues, and overall clarity. Editors must also check for consistency across the publication and even oversee content production.

The great thing about being an editor if you’re an introvert is that it’s a detail-oriented career that doesn’t require much face-to-face interaction. Many editors even work remotely, performing every aspect of their job from home.

5. Paralegal

Average Annual Salary: $52,900Typical Education Requirements: Associates or Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies or related fields

Attorneys usually have to work in high-stress situations and use their charisma to succeed. But behind the scenes, paralegals are helping them stay organized and on track. A paralegal’s exact tasks can vary widely.

The job often involves conducting interviews, filing documents, and completing research. It’s the less stressful side of the law, as you can work independently as you gather facts and handle the paperwork.

6. Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: $82,900Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or related fields

Software developers are often referred to as the ultimate loner’s job! While developers can often work in teams that consist of hundreds or thousands, the day-to-day work is pretty independent.

Many work from home as they contribute to larger projects. Developers can work on games, computer software, apps, and more. This is also a high paying job for introverts, because the ceiling is quite high when it comes to salary.

7. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $53,300Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a fine arts field

Graphic designers are responsible for creating digital art. They might create logos, visual aids for advertising, graphics to be used in online content, and more.

The beauty of being a graphic designer is flexibility. You can work in an agency surrounded by creative individuals like yourself. Or, you can work on your own.

Graphic design also lends itself to a freelance career, giving you ultimate control in how you work. In fact, this made our list of the best remote jobs you can find!

8. Writer

Average Annual Salary: $57,300Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism

Writing is easily one of the best jobs for introverts. It’s naturally introspective and requires a quiet environment. There may be collaborative sessions and meetings, but most work is completed alone.

Like graphic design, writers have tons of flexibility. There are many potential paths to take, from fiction to copywriting. Writers can also work remotely and on their own terms.

9. Content Manager

Average Annual Salary: $58,800Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, creative writing, or media studies

A content manager takes control over a company’s development strategies. Modern businesses need to publish blogs, social media posts, videos, interactive content, and more. A content manager oversees all of that, typically managing creators.

It’s a creative career that marries creativity with project management skills. Content managers can work closely with larger marketing teams and independent contractors. However, they can work remotely from anywhere (which is always great if you’re an introvert).

10. Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $69,700Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a science field like biology, chemistry, or physics

Being outgoing is not a requirement for being a scientist. Most scientists work on a team, but much of the job is done independently. What a scientist does daily will vary, as there are many different fields to pursue.

However, it mainly involves conducting research, performing experiments, and advancing your knowledge on your particular subject. Becoming a scientist requires a passion for learning and natural curiosity, which most introverts already have.

11. Business Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $77,400Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business-related field, management, or information technology

A business analyst plays a valuable role within an organization. They help companies improve their various processes and systems to become more efficient. Most analysts work to solve specific issues utilizing research and complex data. 

The goal is to improve the company’s bottom line in any way possible.

This is a good career for introverts because analysts predominantly work on their own. They must use their analytical skills, listen to the data, and make strategic recommendations.

12. Pilot

Average Annual Salary: $121,430 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and proper licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration

As a pilot, you take to the skies to transport passengers or cargo. Pilots are in high demand, and you can find positions within the commercial or industrial sectors.

Whatever the case may be, this job requires more than just commanding an aircraft. It involves planning routes, analyzing weather conditions, inspecting equipment, and more.

This is one of the best jobs for introverts because you’ll often be working in a small team (usually just with one copilot). There’s a lot to do with safety being the main priority, so it’s fine if you’re quiet by nature.

13. IT Professional

Average Annual Salary: $67,400 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields

In today’s digital world, IT professionals have some of the most important jobs within a modern business. They’re responsible for managing information systems, such as networks and digital communications. IT professionals also maintain equipment, manage company-wide security, and more.

Most businesses have a relatively small IT team, allowing you to work independently. The job is usually away from main offices, with some professionals working in remote data centers. While you will have to communicate with others, it’s a great job for introverts because many of the interactions come through email, chat, or tickets.

14. Architect

Average Annual Salary: $89,560 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architecture

If you prefer limited interaction with others, architecture may be the path for you. Professionals will communicate with clients and industry professionals, but the brunt of the work occurs in quiet offices.

An architect’s job is to plan and design buildings. It’s an inherently solitary job, requiring you to use your creativity and analytical skills to succeed. This is a career for introverts that many people overlook, but it checks all the boxes!

15. X-Ray Technician

Average Annual Salary: $63,120 Typical Education Requirements: Associate’s degree in radiology

Hospitals can be high-stress environments for many, but X-ray technicians typically work in less-frequented parts of the hospital away from the everyday hustle and bustle. They’re diagnostic imaging professionals who operate complex machinery.

There’s variety within this career path, but most routes do not involve much collaboration or social interaction. A technician’s job is to perform the necessary imaging, pass on the data, and move on to the next patient.

16. Actuary

Average Annual Salary: $113,000 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in actuary sciences, mathematics, or statistics

The role of an actuary is to work with numbers and analyze risk. They work with all kinds of organizations, from insurance companies to banks. The goal is to determine the financial risks involved and detail how those risks connect to specific outcomes.

It’s a data-heavy career path, but most of the job is done on a computer. As a result, it’s the perfect job for introverts.

17. Astronomer

Average Annual Salary: $119,700 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s , Master’s, or Doctorate degrees in physics or astronomy

Do you love the mysterious expanse of space? Astronomy is a great career for introverts with plenty of room to grow. Getting into this field only requires a Bachelor’s degree, but it’s a career that requires continual education.

The job of an astronomer is to understand the universe. Most use observation and theoretical modeling to push human knowledge of the cosmos further.

18. Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $83,160 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in engineering

An engineer finds solutions to technical problems using scientific and mathematical principles. Engineers are always in high demand across many industries. There are many ways to advance your career and enter different specializations as your skills improve.

The great thing about being an engineer is that both introverts and extroverts can excel. If you’re quiet and prefer to work alone, there’s no shortage of opportunities to do so.

19. Landscape Designer

Average Annual Salary: $57,000 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture

Here’s a career that lets you flex your creative muscles while developing plans that countless people will see. These jobs combine time indoors and out. A landscape designer works to improve the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. They often work with commercial properties, water features, lush gardens, and more.

Social interaction is required when working with clients and contractors. However, the most significant part of your job is designing, which you can do anywhere. 

20. Psychologist

Average Annual Salary: $94,900 Typical Education Requirements: Doctoral degree in psychology

Introverts are often self-aware and driven by knowledge. The field of psychology may be a rewarding career path for many. It involves studying thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Psychologists help people suffering from emotional problems using observation, experimentation, and assessment principles. While it does involve patient interaction, it can be rewarding to make a positive impact. This can be a great career for introverts because it allows you to have measured interactions with your patients.

21. Auditor

Average Annual Salary: $56,393 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance

Dealing with financial matters can result in stress for many people. However, this can be a good career for introverts because auditors use facts and analytical skills to scour documents for accuracy and authenticity. Their job is to ensure that all financial records and statements are above board.

22. Artist

Average Annual Salary: $49,600 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in arts-based fields

What better way to control your destiny than having a career in the arts? Introverts thrive as artists, as they spend most of their time creating independently. Most artists curate a workspace conducive to their art and emotional well-being, which allows them to keep stress low.

Artists can branch out and work in a wide range of industries. Many also freelance or work as independent contractors for more freedom.

23. Photographer

Average Annual Salary: $43,100 Typical Education Requirements: High school diploma and photography courses

Photography is another job for introverts with ample flexibility. Like most creative-minded individuals, photographers thrive when they can work alone and reflect on their projects away from others. They view the world differently, working to capture all of life’s beautiful moments.

As a photographer, you can work independently, for a commercial studio, or as a contracted artist for print or digital publications.

24. Systems Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $85,200 Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other tech-related fields

A system engineer’s duties can depend on the company. Some may have to monitor mechanical or technological systems to ensure that organizations run smoothly. Others will oversee a large-scale project’s business, management, and engineering components to keep it moving forward.

Communication is a big part of this career, as it involves delivering information to essential stakeholders. That said, systems engineers spend a lot of their time focusing on evaluation and providing technical direction to support staff.

25. Mechanic

Average Annual Salary: $45,500 Typical Education Requirements: High school diploma and job-related training or trade education

The world can’t function without dedicated mechanics! They work hard to keep automobiles and other mechanical devices operating efficiently. The job requires careful inspection, ongoing maintenance, and complex repairs.

This is one of the best jobs for introverts because socializing isn’t a big part of the job, as mechanics typically work alone or in tight-knit teams.

26. Translator

Average Hourly Pay: $28.00-$30.00Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in chosen language, fluency, and proper certification

A wide range of industries needs translators to convert information from one language to another. As a translator, you can work in schools, courtrooms, businesses, and more. Some even work for private clients!

Translators have the flexibility they need to work on their terms. You can operate remotely, choose how much you work, and decide what you translate. 

27. Psychiatrist

Average Annual Salary: $236,200Typical Education Requirements: Doctor of Medicine with psychiatry specialization and residency

Many confuse psychiatry with psychology. While both deal with mental well-being, psychiatrists specialize in mental health disorders, substance abuse, and psychological conditions.

They work with patients to diagnose disorders and find suitable treatment options. It’s not an easy job, as it requires years of education and preparation. However, it’s a rewarding career introverts can use to channel their energy.

28. Social Media Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $106,300Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, or public relations

Social media is king these days, and any business that wants to succeed must have a solid presence online. Social media marketing managers are responsible for developing strategies that attract new consumers and keep them hooked.

They create and run brand promotions, large-scale marketing campaigns, and more. Most managers work with social media staff, but it doesn’t involve much direct collaboration or in-office stress.

29. Digital Marketer

Average Annual Salary: $60,900Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, digital media, or marketing

Here’s a career with many work-from-home opportunities. Digital marketers work entirely online, creating promotions to advertise products and services for companies. They use everything from blogs to social media to reach customers.

Digital platforms are the top priority, so digital marketers have the freedom to work anywhere with an online connection. Without a doubt, this is one of the best jobs for introverts.

30. Archivist

Average Annual Salary: $58,300Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in history, library science, archival studies, or public administration

Archivists work to preserve documents and maintain historical collections. They determine the importance and historical significance of analog media. Then, they decide how to keep it safe in storage while organizing the information for easy retrieval.

Archivists can work in universities, museums, libraries, and other organizations dealing with old material. They typically work alone, being the only one with their skills on a team.

31. Park Ranger

Average Annual Salary: $38,660Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in environmental science or environmental management

If you love the peace that comes with being in the great outdoors, this job might be for you! Park rangers spend their days patrolling lands while protecting wildlife. They often work for state parks, municipal park departments, or the National Park Service.

As a park ranger, most of your time is spent alone surrounded by nature. You may be part of a larger team, but daily duties are typically completed independently. While it’s not high paying like some others on the list, this is a career that attracts many introverts.


Many people are surprised by this, but there are plenty of in-demand and high paying jobs for introverts. In fact, certain positions tend to see introverts shine the most!

If you consider yourself to be an introvert and are looking for a career that suits you, use this list to get the process started. If none of these jobs appeal to you they’ll at least help you find others that do!

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