Summary Sunday: Get Back In The GameSummary Sunday: Get Back In The Game

It’s time to get back in the game because job opportunities are on the rise and employers are ready to hire!

If you’ve been searching for a job over the past year, it’s been a drag. You’ve been ghosted, rejected and/or dismissed. But now is the time to reignite your search and get back in the game.

But don’t start where you left off.

Start fresh.

Research companies you would like to work for. Refine your personal branding. Reach out to people you know who work inside target companies.

I know, you’ve already reached out to people before, but you need to do it again. People forget. People were distracted before. Give them a reason to want to help you!

Be clear in your messaging (tell them what you want to do and where you want to do it!)

Be optimistic.

Employers are optimistic too and an increase in posted jobs reflects this.

This week’s summary includes information to help you get off the sidelines and refine your search:

3 job search strategiesATS secrets you need to know5 ways to keep your job search aliveRemote work, flexible work and payThe gig economy is for all levelsNew Hybrid work report


Three winning job search strategies | MarketWatch

Here are the 3 strategies. But please read the full article to dive deeper into what they really mean!

Hone your “career durability.”Humanize your LinkedIn profile.If you are a person of color or a woman, target employers prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

Three winning job search strategies

If you’re looking for work or think you will be soon, you undoubtedly know to update your LinkedIn profile, refresh your résumé and up your networking game. But in today’s competitive, pandemic-fraught job market, just doing the basics isn’t enough. Fortunately, I recently picked up several timely job-search tips while attending the Career Thought Leaders ‘ 2021 symposium.

Secrets of the ATS: a chat w/Oracle/Taleo GM Nagaraj Nadendla | The Ladders

If you think the ATS is the problem with your application getting seen, think again. Learn how ATS were designed to work.

Secrets of the ATS: a chat w/Oracle/Taleo GM Nagaraj Nadendla

Continuing my series of interviews with the CEOs of leading ATSs, today I’m happy to share my conversation with Nagaraj Nadendla, GM and SVP of Oracle Cloud Recruiting solutions. Oracle operates the 2nd most popular ATS for $100K+ jobs and is consolidating the naming of their product from Taleo to Oracle Cloud Recruiting solutions.

5 Ways to Keep Going When the Job Search is Getting You Down | The Muse

Have you tried these things?

5 Ways to Keep Going When the Job Search is Getting You Down

Looking for a new job is filled with constant emotional highs and lows. Battling the fear of the unknown (will you ever find a job?) is enough to make anyone feel frustrated, anxious, and downright bummed. Job hunting is an intense process that can seriously mess with your mood.


Remote Workers Expect Pay to Reflect Their Locations | SHRM

Of the 62% of organizations with existing geographic pay policies, 44% are considering modifying or have recently modified their policies due to the increase of full-time remote work, the [WorldatWork’s Geographic Pay Policies Study] found.

Remote Workers Expect Pay to Reflect Their Locations

Geographic pay policies that set and adjust pay for far-flung workers based on local compensation factors, such as cost of labor and cost of living rates, are becoming more common among employers, new research shows.

FlexJobs Survey Finds Employees Want Remote Work Post-Pandemic | FlexJobs

65% said they want to remain full-time remote workers after the pandemic. 33% prefer a hybrid work arrangement
2% say they want to return to the office full-time.

FlexJobs Survey Finds Remote Work Remains in Demand | FlexJobs

As the world moves closer to the end of the pandemic, thoughts are shifting toward reopening. However, reopening doesn’t necessarily mean “as it was before.” Though suddenly thrown into remote work over a year ago, many workers have discovered the benefits of working at home and don’t want it to end.


The rise of the independent worker: Why everyone wants to work in the gig economy now | Fortune

Fractional leadership allows startups to find highly skilled talent willing to work on a part-time basis. Saloio uses the example of a chief marketing officer: “I want a seasoned CMO, but I can’t afford to hire them full-time. So I’ll hire a fractional CMO for two to three days a week. Bring them on while you are growing.”

Why everyone wants to work in the gig economy now

In 2020, wages and participation for independent workers grew 33%.

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready? | Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021

These are the trends outlined in this new global study:

Flexible work is here to stayLeaders are out of touch with employees & need a wake-up call.High productivity is masking an exhausted workforceGen Z is at risk and will need to be re-energizedShrinking networks are endangering innovationAuthenticity will spur productivity and wellbeingTalent is everywhere in a hybrid work world

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work-Are We Ready?

Exclusive research and expert insights into a year of work like no other reveal urgent lessons for leaders as hybrid work unfolds.


The (Almost) Pain-Free Guide to Having the “I Quit” Conversation With Your Boss | The Muse

The (Almost) Pain-Free Guide to Quitting Your Job

Over the course of my career, I’ve had three “Hey boss, I’m quitting” talks. One involved tears (of sadness), one involved tears ( of happiness -though I saved them for after the meeting), and one involved my boss asking if I could take him with me.


How To Write A Letter Of Interest + Effective Samples

Read more here

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