Summary Sunday: Hiring Is Happening

Yes, hiring is happening!

But you still need focus and a plan.

This week’s summary includes articles to help you understand:

How long hiring is taking in certain areasWhich industries are hiring the mostArticles about upskilling and finding your career focusWhat you should be doing to find a new jobArticles about using LinkedIn for job search

It’s up to you to adjust your job search strategy to meet today’s hiring landscape! Be flexible.


These industries have the slowest hiring times, according to LinkedIn | CNBC

Hiring is taking longer. Especially in these areas.

Optimism’s new outpost: industries that run on diesel instead of data | LinkedIn

Caterpillar has more than 1,000 openings world-wide, ranging from painters to payroll specialists.” See which industries are hiring according to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index.

The People Who’d Rather Quit Than Give Up Remote Work | Slate

Alison Green shares responses from workers about how they feel about returning to the office. She notes:

And after going through the past year—in which many people were asked to bring their work into their homes overnight and managed to keep things running smoothly even while juggling child care, remote learning, and huge amounts of stress—a lot of people just look at their relationship to their employer very differently”


Achieve Success In Your Career Through Learning New Skills | Morgan Jones

How do you find the time and energy to upskill? This article provides ideas.

How To Figure Out What To Do In Your Career – 10 Exercises And Prompts To Get Started | Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Try one or more of these exercises to help you find career clarity! 100 dreams is one of her clients’ favorites.


How to Land a Great Job During the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Boom | Chameleon Resumes

The basis of finding a great job in this post COVID-19 pandemic boom is that you actively look for, go after, and accept the job with the majority of terms reflecting your wants and needs.” Rangel lays out how to do this!


Increase Your Visibility to Recruiters by Following Companies on LinkedIn | Avid Careerist

Following companies on LinkedIn is a good thing. But it also has dangers. Understand what happens when you follow a company on LinkedIn.

13 LinkedIn pros talk about creating a powerful LinkedIn Experience section | Things Career Related

The previous installment of the three most notable LinkedIn profile sections addressed the About section. This installment looks at what some, particularly recruiters, consider to be the most important section, Experience. If some of you protest Experience being the most important, don’t worry. The next installment will look at the Headline.


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