Summary Sunday: Hiring Trends in Modern Job Search

The past two years have taught us a lot. And we’re still learning and adapting.

We’ve embraced working remotely and all the technology and necessary to make it possible! We’ve learned how to communicate with distributed teams, and we’re still learning how to adjust to a world where we don’t meet people face to face. Yet, there are more challenges we face.

These changes have made the work for recruiters more difficult. HR policies are also still trying to adapt to this new world of work.

So in this week’s summary, I share articles that I hope will give you a better glimpse of the challenges and changes in hiring (from the employer’s side of the desk).

Where is ageism happening during the hiring processThe recruiting process of the futureVaccination status – where does that goInsightful interview questions for candidatesRecordings and new marketplace

Have a great week! And please share this or any articles with those who would benefit.


Age-ism In The Hiring Funnel

Here are the results of a LinkedIn poll asking where in the hiring funnel is age-ism most prevalent? What will you do differently?

CV – Resume – Profile review 67%Phone – Video screen 22%

Virtual Recruiting Makes a User-Driven Recruitment Process Inevitable | Future of Talent

I’ll admit, this isn’t the most compelling headline, but I do hope you read this article! It will help you understand the recruiting process better and this will help you develop a better job search plan. You see, virtual recruiting is already a thing. The future process of recruiting is mapped out and gives you a glimpse of what you can do to get noticed besides applying through an ATS.


How to Ask Job Candidates if They Are Vaccinated | Inc.

You may be faced with questions regarding your vaccination status. Right? Wrong? Or is this the world we live in right now? One thing you should NOT do is include your vaccination status on your resume or LinkedIn according to several experts in this article. This is a tricky situation for employers who must require employees to be vaccinated.


Ask These 5 Questions at the Interview | Korn Ferry

You should always prepare a list of questions you will ask during the job interview. Here are some that you may want to add to your list.


No-Fear Job Search Webinar Recordings | Jobscan

If you missed any or all of these webinars, you can watch any of the recordings! Topics range from cover letters to resumes to negotiating your job offer.

Job Search Journey

Have you checked out this online marketplace for all your job search needs? You’ll find templates, scripts, and so much more!


13 Career Change Experts to Follow on Twitter | FlexJobs

Twitter is still a valuable tool for research and marketing! Do you follow these 13 career change experts?

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