Summary Sunday: Workforce Tends To Know

There are significant changes in our workforce. The more you know and understand these workforce trends, the better you’ll be at knowing what employers are looking for and how to position yourself for these opportunities.

How you end up using this workforce data can help you make a career change, upskill, plan for the future, or just understand what the competition looks like and assess where you stand.

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s summary:

Workforce dataHybrid work dataPre-employment testingCorporate culture assessmentInterviewing tipsLinkedIn experience section tipsHR news you need

I hope you follow some of the experts in these articles so you can stay up-to-date.


Labor Market Data | LinkedIn Economic Graph

LinkedIn compiles data from their users and shares it here. See

Who is hiring – top trending employersWhat jobs are available – top trending jobsWhat skills are needed – top trending skills

Hybrid work wins a few more fans, as 22 industries split into two camps| LinkedIn Workforce Insights Newsletter

For more valuable data, LinkedIn provides a monthly Workforce Confidence Report. This article explains the results of a recent survey of more than 300,000 employees around the world. Some 56% of full-time workers voted for a hybrid option. This article looks at which industries are supporting hybrid work (at this point in time).


Why Employers Use Pre-Employment Testing and What To Know About It | Shelley Piedmont

Love it or hate it, some employers are using pre-employment testing. The types of testing can “be anything from testing your knowledge, critical thinking skills, personality, integrity, and even physical skills like the ability to lift a certain amount of weight.”

How to Investigate an Organization’s Culture| Thrive Global

Susan Peppercorn walks you through ways to research company culture. See what to look for and what questions to ask to find the right fit for you!


What to ask at the end of a job interview, and more tips to help you ‘knock it out of the park’ | CNBC

This is a collection of interviewing tips from career professionals (including me) that will help you interview better.


13 LinkedIn pros talk about creating a powerful LinkedIn Experience section | Things Career Related

Bob McIntosh compiled advice from some top LinkedIn experts and profile writers to help you uplevel your LinkedIn experience section.


Return to Workplace [Delayed] (⚡️ August 6, 2021) | Redefining HR Accelerator Newsletter

Lars Schmidt has always been a leader in HR. He’s created a community, courses and even a newsletter to help elevate HR professionals. If you want “top news, trends, and stories in all things people that are worth your time” then check it out and subscribe.

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